Can Men Waist Train?

Even if online discussions about waist trainers were initiated by women, men are also starting to get interested with the idea of wearing a waist shaper around their stomach, which is a rising popularity among the masculine population. The big question is, Can they waist train, too?

Of course, they can. You see men wearing heels, doing contouring tutorials and slaying Beyoncé moves, why wouldn’t they be able to wear waist trainers?

A lot of experts argue about the health consequences about this hottest exercise trend sweeping the Hollywood. But, according to some professionals, it is safe to use if you do progress slowly and properly. Newbies wear waist trainers for about 1-2 hours each day.

Same as the women in the urban, millennial gay men are also beginning to embrace the new trend. One of them was Nicky Paris, a 22-year-old comedian who bought his own waist trainer not long ago, for $80. He claims that the equipment gave him a slimmer look without exercising excessively each day and many would complement his look. Some may have mixed opinions about the idea of men wearing these constrictive garments, but it’s all about taste, isn’t it?

What people don’t know is that male corsets go way back. To the ancient people of Crete, having a silhouette figure is not just important to women, but also to men. In the late 1700s, male ballet dancers would wear corsets to improve their posture while dancing.

As of today, it doesn’t mean they’re not visible, men don’t wear them. They could be hiding under a hooded jacket or a shirt. Even weight lifters invest in corset waist training to enhance their form and keep their muscles supported while lifting heavy weights, which proves that this “feminine” trend is big in the men’s fitness world.